See How Smart You Are with This Free App

Andrey Moiseev’s full version of IQ Test is now free to download

Wondering how smart you are? Of course you are. Who isn’t? Well, if you have an iPhone or an iPad by your side and a bit of spare time, Andrey Moiseev would like to entice you into downloading his now-free IQ Test app.

Although Andrey already offers a Free installment of IQ Test app, this is the full version of the software which (probably for a limited time) is also free to download now.

Updated earlier today, IQ Test 1.1 comes with improved functionality, and more in-depth analysis to calculate the score, which is very good news for those who felt stupid after scoring low in the previous version. Then again, they might score lower this time. Guess there’s only one way to find out.

The update also fixes a music glitch and a hoard of other bugs. My question is how can you trust a buggy IQ Test app?

Download IQ Test for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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