See How Many Miles You’ve Covered with Your Mouse Cursor on Mac OS X

MouseX logs mouse/trackpad traveling distance, clicks, key strokes, etc.

Developer Aladdin s.r.o. sells this nifty little app called MouseX that calculates the traveling distance of your mouse cursor and also records keystrokes and other types of input for your own reference. The developer is now offering the app free of charge.

Previously available as a paid application, the free MouseX counts your mouse (or trackpad) traveling distance using pixels, inches, feet, yards, meters, and even miles and kilometers. Aladdin promises “you will be surprised how much you traveled.”

You can also use it to log mouse and trackpad clicks, and get statistics for your keyboard usage. The utility runs silently in the menu bar leaving your desktop clutter-free.

It works with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and higher versions of the Mac OS and sports a cutesy little rodent riding a scooter as its icon.

Download MouseX (Free)

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