Schools Are Crazy About Apple’s iPad, iCelsius Devs Say

Free app turns iDevices into digital thermometers

Sensor technology company Aginova has announced plans to launch several temperature probes for food inspection, for K-12 education and for cooking, especially grilling and BBQ. The iCelsius probes use the Apple iPad to measure temperature.

It works with iPhones and iPod touches as well, turning the devices into digital thermometers. The app will read the temperature, create graphs, set up alerts, store data, email graphs and export data to excel.

According to Aginova, “Schools all over are buying iPads and the iPod touch. For K-12 education, especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects, the iCelsius Pro helps educators use their iPads and the iPod touch for demonstrating lessons and conducting experiments.”

Aginova plans to release additional sensors over the coming months. The company plans to become the leading provider of sensing technology for Apple devices.

Download iCelsius (Free)

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