School Launches iPhone App, Makes Parents Its Partners

Children with involved parents enter kindergarten ready to learn, study shows

Some heartwarming news from Atlanta, Georgia today: Primrose Schools has announced a new initiative which involves equipping parents with an iPhone app to encourage a parent-school partnership.

Citing research from the Parents as Teachers National Center, Primrose says that “children with involved parents are 28 percent more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn than children with uninvolved parents.”

To support this parent-school partnership, the school offers a free iPhone app which parents install on their iPhones and get valuable parenting tips, games to play with the kids, access to school information (news, events etc.), and a GPS school-locator to find, map, call or email nearby Primrose schools.

Here’s a good idea for the next update: include a button that allows kids to report bullies.

The software is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Download My Primrose iOS (Free)

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