Samsung Isn’t Asking Apple for Extra Money on Chips – Reports

An executive for the Korean company is cited as denying said rumors

Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh is citing a Samsung executive as saying that talks of Apple having to pay more for A-series processors are false rumors.

The Street reports on a machine-translated story by the aforementioned newspaper, noting that “After reports earlier in the week that the South Korean technology giant was raising application processor (AP) prices on Apple by as much as 20%, a Samsung Electronics official denied the reports to The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based newspaper.”

The site added, “The unnamed official noted that prices are set at the beginning of the year and aren't changed easily.”

Reports of Samsung charging Apple more for iDevice processors this year emerged in tandem with news that the Korean chip maker was refusing to settle its patent disputes with the Cupertino giant.

While the latter tidbit seems to be true, apparently Samsung isn’t playing hardball on the chip front – a highly lucrative business for both parties.

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