Samsung-Apple Trial Is Ridiculous, Judge Says

Neither company seems to have gained the favor of the court

Back on Saturday, we saw how bizarre the Galaxy Tab lawsuit in the US had become, especially after the UK decision, and now we get to see the reaction that Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett, from Sydney, Australia, had to a different fight between Apple and Samsung.

Samsung filed its Australian lawsuit after Apple attacked it in a similar fashion. This particular war currently involves 22 patents that, Samsung claims, Apple refused to negotiate for.

Apple, of course, denies everything while waging similar battles it started itself.

Apparently, neither company managed to score empathy points with Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett, who is overseeing the trial in Sydney.

She reportedly called the whole thing ridiculous and seemed outright baffled that the proceedings even went ahead.

Apple and Samsung's lawyers now have until the end of the week to give the judge a good reason not to send them both to mediation. If they succeed, the lawsuit will continue in October.

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