SIM Card Trays Show the Colors of the iPhone 6 – Leak

We've seen the case, now it's time to get our eyes on internal components of the iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 just two and a half months away, new internal parts come out of the manufacturing lines. 

A Czech blog has published three photos of what they claim to be the real deal: internal components of the next-generation iPhone. They do not specify if what we see are parts from a 4.7-inch or a 5.5-inch iPhone, but the parts do have some value. 
The images show a power flex cable, a volume flex cable and three SIM Cards Trays. If they are indeed authentic, then the next iPhone will come out in three different colors: gold, silver and space gray. In fact, we did see some cases with the same color as the current iPhone 5s so that comes as no surprise. 
Last week's reports coming from China indicated that Apple will show off the new iPhone on September 19 and will launch it in stores around the globe a week later, on September 25. Those reports are not verified in any way, but they do follow the lead from two years of launching new iDevices in early fall. 
The new iPhone will show up at the same time with iOS 8, which will bring new API features to developers and lots of incremental improvements for the regular users. 

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