Rumor: Apple to Launch Not One but Two iTVs This Year

A companion device much like the current Apple TV, and a full-fledged TV set

A blog that focuses on Apple is running a story about the much rumored iTV citing “a very reliable source” as saying that “Apple is set to launch a full-fledged TV later this year.”

TheTechStorm’s author claims to have been working very hard to establish a relationship with a source within Apple to deliver these details.

According this source, “Apple is definitely building a full-fledged TV.” This person reportedly said that Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire “nailed it” with his piece “All I Want for Christmas Is My Apple TV.”

There will be not one but two brand new TV products coming out of Apple this year, this person said.

“The TVs will be coming in two form factors, a new companion device for TV, similar to what Apple is offering at the moment and a full-fledge ultra-thin TV. I was also informed that Apple will be sourcing panels for this TV from Sharp,” the author writes.

The story certainly sounds ambitious! The source also added that Apple would be launching the full-fledged TV around Christmas 2013.

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