Record Mini-Movies or Stop-Motion Cines with Cinemagram 1.23

New push notification settings let you specify the alerts you want to get

Factyle’s cool video-Instagram app, Cinemagram can now record “shorts,” has enhanced integration with Twitter and Tumblr, new notification settings, iPod support, and more.

Cinemagram is a free iOS app that makes hybrid photo-video “cines” by animating small portions of a photo to create an awesome image that's part-photo and part-video. Users can also apply processing filters and share their creations with their followers.

A new version is now out in the App Store featuring the ability to record “shorts.” As Factyle puts it, users can now “record mini-movies or stop-motion Cines.” A full-screen view is now available by simply tapping on a Cine.

Integration with Twitter and Tumblr has been enhanced, and Push Notifications now arrive on the rules you set.

iPods are now supported, allowing users to record up to 4 seconds, and the usual bag of fixes is included as well.

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