Portable iPhone Printers Now Available from Maxatec

Apex i Series of portable printers certified (MFI) for use with iDevices

Maxatec today announced that it has received MFI certification from Apple to deploy its Apex i Series of portable printers as made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod accessories.

Apex portable printers offer 2, 3 and 4-inch printing capabilities in a lightweight form factor, with Enterprises around the world already employing the Datamax-O'Neil Toolkit to customize the printers for work environments.

The Toolkit offers a “scan” module that links the Apple device to an Apex i printer and enables it to read and display various printer statistics, such as battery voltage, timer, temperature, remaining print buffer. etc.

Don’t get your hopes up for churning out your Instagram shots with these gizmos. They’re all basically receipt printers.

Steve Berry, director at Maxatec, said, “We have seen a huge surge in interest relating to our iOS […] wireless printing solutions, and we expect the trend to continue for some time to come. The interest is across a range of industries and is not limited to one or two sectors, so there is huge scope for this market to increase year on year.”

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