Plex Adds Chromecast Support Without a Pass on iPhone, iPad

Update adds play queues and shuffle support, automatic upload of camera roll photos

Plex Inc. has released version 3.4.0 of its media player for iPhone and iPad customers offering for the first time integration with Chromecast without a Plex Pass subscription.

“You’ve been very patient, and we’re thrilled to announce that Chromecast support is now free for everyone,” the company proudly announces in a blog post.

Play queues & shuffle support is the next big feature in this update. It’s described as “a prelude to full-blown playlists for Plex” with a shuffle of over 40,000 tracks, using the highest quality mechanism available.

Users also get automatic upload of camera roll photos to their media server (a feature that requires a Plex Pass subscription) and music and photo support for Chromecast.

According to the developers, all you need to do is “point the Plex app at a server and a photo library, and it’ll make sure all the photos on your camera roll automatically upload to that library.” It’s that easy!

Plex 3.4.0 still only requires iOS 5.1.1, according to the specs list, and works with all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models that can take the firmware. A dozen different languages are supported, including English, Arabic, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, and others.

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