Photographer Pays Awesome Tribute to Jobs

Mashup of Jobs’ face and Apple logo makes one of the most tasteful early tributes yet

Jonathan Mak Long has photoshopped the Apple logo to replace the bite with Steve Jobs’ face to bring his own tribute to the Apple co-founder. The image depicting Jobs' face appears to be taken from the cover of ‘Inside Steve’s Brain’, a book about the iconic man authored Leander Kahney.

Apple recently announced the passing of their beloved co-founder and chairman of the board, Steven P. Jobs, sparking an unstoppable flow of tributes coming from all corners of the world.

That includes Hong Kong, where 19-year-old Jonathan Mak Long put his talent to work and came up with the image above. It’s a mashup of the minimalistic Apple logo and a silhouette representation of Jobs’ head.

Jonathan is a self-proclaimed designer, photographer, and philosopher. The guy apparently isn’t sure whether or not he’s the first to come up with this design. He encourages those who believe he isn’t to step forward.

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