Path 2.8 Is Out for iPad − “Life in Landscape”

See the whole day on one screen and swipe to see previous days

The popular Path application that once got banned from the App Store over privacy concerns is now back with “Life in landscape” for iPad users. The app is free to download and use, and it’s also iPhone 5-supported.

Released specifically for the iPad, the “Life in landscape” update in Path enables users to see whole day views, as well as to swipe left and right for previous days.

“Enjoy bigger photos and movie, music, book previews. It's the best way to catch up with your family and friends,” says Path Inc., the developer.

For those who aren’t very familiar with Path, it’s described as a smart journal that helps social networking fans share all of their important moments with all their loved ones.

You can use it to share photos, short videos, simple thoughts, where you are, who you are with, and everything in between, all from your iDevice. If you like how that sounds, download the app at the link below and enjoy!

Download Path iOS (Free)

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