Parents, Prepare to Spend the Big Bucks This “iHoliday”

iPad tops the wish list of most kids and grownups in America, says Nielsen

A recent survey by research company Nielsen shows (the obvious) that most Christmas wish lists begin with an “i” and end with “Pad.”

Almost half of the children surveyed by Nielsen say they want a full-sized iPad (up from 44% last year) this Christmas. 36 percent expressed a smaller wish – the new iPad mini.

iPod Touch and iPhone are also popular Christmas gifts among young consumers, with 36% and 33%, respectively, asking to see these devices under the tree in December.

Tablets and full-sized computers were the top electronics choices among consumers aged 13 and older. One in five people say they want to buy the iPad (up from 24% last year), any other tablet, or a computer.

Gadget lovers aged 13 years and older are also interested in nabbing the all-new Wii U from Nintendo, the iPhone, and Internet-connected TVs.

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