Opera Coast Browser Brings Tiles with Music and Videos to iPad

Version 2.0 offers easy wallpaper customization, ability to open PDFs in other apps

Opera Software ASA has released Coast by Opera web browser version 2.0 featuring wallpaper customization and singing tiles, among other things.

Coast by Opera is a new kind of web browser which focuses less on the browsing tools and more on the content that’s being provided when you access a site. Its intuitive gesture-based controls and fluid pages make it easy and fun to use, and now thanks to update 2.0, users get even more stuff.

For instance, you can now long press on the home screen to choose a new wallpaper from your camera roll. Simply save any photo you like and then set it as your background image.

The Back function is now faster, and users can now quickly open PDF documents in external applications, including Dropbox, any PDF reader you may have set as default, or Apple’s own iBooks.

Last but certainly not least, “tiles with music or video playing come to life, and you can easily control your favorite music sites from the lock screen,” says Opera.

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