OmniFocus OS X Goes Free Until Version 2.0 Comes Out

Developer provides universal serial key that allows newcomers to try out the goods

The Omni Group is just a couple of weeks away from the launch of OmniFocus 2 for Mac. The company is trying to entice newcomers to hop aboard by handing them a serial key to activate OmniFocus and use it for free to see how it works for them.

The Omni Group’s Ken Case says, “if you’re looking at purchasing the Mac app, it would be quite reasonable to wait until after the OmniFocus 2 debut so you know what’s coming before you make a decision.”

To make that decision easier for everyone, the company has decided to release a temporary license key that everyone can use to activate the full version of OmniFocus on their Mac. The credentials are the ones listed below.

“License Owner: Waiting for OmniFocus 2


All you need to do is download OmniFocus, install it, launch it on your Mac and paste both the License Owner and License Key into the appropriate fields. Have a blast!

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