OffMaps 2 iOS Goes Free, No Roaming Required

iosphere GmbH slashes price on mapping software for iPhone and iPad

OffMaps 2, an offline maps application for iOS, is now available as a free download. It allows you to access searchable maps and your position and bookmarks wherever you are, and stores maps directly on your device with search capabilities.

The solution is primarily aimed at saving data roaming charges abroad. According to developer iosphere, it can turn your iPod into “a fully featured travel guide.”

Two maps are included for free and you can score additional content with in-app purchases beginning at 0.99$/€0.89 for 3 downloads, which boils down to just 0.33$/€0.24 per map.

The flatrate is 5.99$/€5.49 and lets you load as many maps as you like. And any future map updates are free, according to iosphere.

OffMaps uses crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap to offer useful information beyond the visual representation of roads and highways, such as ATMs, bus stops, restaurants, and bars.

Download OffMaps iOS (Free)

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