OS X Bug Causes Launchpad to “Crystallise”

One graphical glitch that Apple could well leave unpatched

Here’s one bug you’ll actually enjoy seeing kick in on your Mac. A couple of users are reporting that their Launchpads “crystallized” as OS X’s built-in core image filters got mixed up for a few seconds.

A Reddit user submitted the screenshot displayed above calling it “the pretties Launchpad bug.” Indeed, the graphical glitch is visually appealing, and for good reason too. It’s actually caused by an OS X imaging effect used by photographers to manipulate images.

Since it only occurs for a brief time, the bug doesn’t cause any damage either. In short, it’s one glitch Apple could leave unpatched. In fact, it could well be considered an Easter egg, once users determine the exact circumstances in which it spawns to life.

Either way, we thought you’d get a kick out of it, so there you have it. Now, has anyone else seen this bug on their Mac?

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