OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Is Now the Most Popular Mac Operating System

Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) still widely used by Mac users worldwide

Web analytics firm Net Applications confirms this week that OS X 10.8 aka Mountain Lion is currently the most popular Mac operating system installed on Apple computers worldwide.

Mountain Lion became the most widely-installed Mac OS in December, when Net Applications saw a slight spike over OS X Lion.

The latest Mac OS is now used by 32% of the entire desktop user-base in the Apple ecosystem, according to the company’s figures. Lion has dropped from 30% to 28%, Net Applications says.

OS X version 10.6, an older but more-stable version of Apple’s desktop operating system, continues to enjoy a great dose of popularity among Mac aficionados.

With a 29% install-base, Snow Leopard is by far the most appreciated iteration of Apple’s operating system powering iMacs, MacBooks, Mac minis, and Mac Pro workstations alike.

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