OS X 10.8.3 Build 12D58 Improves WiFi – Developers Handed New Download

Testers asked to focus on AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, Graphics Drivers, and Safari

Apple has handed developers a new seed of OS X 10.8.3, the third upcoming maintenance update for users of its Mountain Lion operating system. Developers say the build further makes improvements to Wi-Fi connections.

Released via the OS X Software Update Seed Configuration Utility, OS X 10.8.3 build 12D58 asks testers to focus their attention on AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, Graphics Drivers, and Safari.

Notably the focus area has remained unchanged for several betas now. Also particularly important, developers are noting (just like the last time) that Apple has made improvements to Wi-Fi.

It is unclear when Apple plans to release the update to the general population, but recent betas indicate that development is coming along nicely. With no new bugs emerging in this new beta, we can expect the software to go public relatively soon.

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