Now This Is an iWatch

New smart watch concept shows what the real thing might look like

There’s a fair chance Apple actually won’t roll out any smart watch device this year, but speculators are relentless. Once people hear Apple is “working” on something new, they go nuts.

Designer Nikolai Lamm was commissioned to create an iWatch concept featuring a rotary dial interface for apps. The device would act as a sidekick to the bigger computers in the user’s pocket (iPhone), or bag (iPad). It’s certainly in line with all the rumors swirling around, and the design itself is brilliant!

We highlighted another cool iWatch design the other day. While Lamm’s concept certainly looks like a traditional watch, Esben Oxholm’s mockup looks a lot more futuristic and supports rumors that the device will actually be a full-fledged wearable computer.

Apple is said to have a team of 100 working on this thing. Whatever it’s supposed to look like, we hope it’s something along these lines. What do you guys think?

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