Next-Gen Apple TV Has A5X Chip and iPhone 5 Wireless Spec

The device is reportedly smaller in size, according to an FCC filing

iOS 6.1 contains code pointing to a new version of the Apple TV set-top box and now an FCC application reveals that the hardware is indeed real. AnandTech provides further details regarding the product’s inner workings.

Designated as “AppleTV3,2” in iOS 6.1 code strings, the device reportedly has a smaller footprint than its predecessors (93.78mm from 98mm), and boasts an A5X (quad-core) processor.

The new set-top box will also sport the same WLAN+Bluetooth array (antenna + chips) found in the iPhone 5, according to AnandTech. Apple seems to be following a pattern where it tests out chip redesigns in the Apple TV to accommodate for display upgrades in its iDevice lineup.

With the iPad mini in line to get a Retina upgrade, it’s certainly plausible that the device will employ the A5X processor.

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