New iPhone Ad Starring Venus and Serena Williams Touts “Do Not Disturb” in iOS 6

Unfortunately, Apple chose the worst timing possible to air the new commercial

Apple’s latest iPhone ad starring two professional tennis players – Venus Williams and Serena Williams – touts a useful function in iOS 6 called “Do Not Disturb.” The ad itself is quite entertaining, but Apple chose an unfortunate timing to air it.

As 2013 kicked off, some iPhone users discovered that scheduled DNDs in iOS 6 failed to flip back off automatically, causing missed calls, text messages, etc.

The issue can be easily remedied with a patch which Apple will undoubtedly include in the next scheduled software update.

However, as the tech blogosphere continues to discuss the issue, Apple has just started airing a new TV commercial promoting the very “Do Not Disturb” feature affected by the reported bug.

The ad stars professional tennis players Venus and Serena Williams in a “dream.” No spoilers. Hit the play button above and enjoy!

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