Leaked Documents Reveal New iPhone Model Launching This Week – 8GB iPhone 5c

Amid new marketing efforts, Apple further tries to drop the cost of its iPhone 5c

German wireless carrier O2 has leaked an internal document according to which Apple will begin shipping a new version of the iPhone 5c this week, sporting only 8GB of flash storage, in what appears to be another push to move some units.

Although there still isn’t enough conclusive evidence to suggest that the iPhone 5c is a total flop, it does seem like people aren’t exactly flocking for the handset, regardless of the color or the storage capacity.

This is why Apple will reportedly start selling a more attractively-priced version of the device on Tuesday, March 18. A leaked internal email from German wireless carrier O2, obtained by stadt-bremerhaven.de, reveals that Apple wants to deploy an iPhone 5c with 8GB storage capacity priced lower than the original 16GB model (likely at $0/€0 with a two-year contract).

According to the email, other 5c models may see their prices reduced as well. Apple continues to sell the iPhone 4S on contract for $0, but it may not do so for much longer if the 5c offer kicks into full gear.

The first colors available in O2 stores for the 8GB iPhone 5c will reportedly be Blue and White, with other colors being available online, or at a later date. Apple has recently started marketing the 5c a bit heavier. Coupled with the cheaper 8GB model, sales should see a spike.

Also, this is the third time Apple pulls such a move, so it shouldn't be too surprising to anyone.

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