New MacBook Air Ad Shows "The Notebook People Love" with Decals

The newMacBook Air TV Ad aired on Monday night (US time)

Apple released a new TV Ad showing the way people customize their MacBook Air. The commercial has been aired on Monday night and showed up on Apple's YouTube account on Tuesday morning.
The video commercial is about 30 seconds long and it features hundreds of decal stickers that are positioned on and around the Apple logo. 
The first ones are just some funny looking eyeglasses, and then it looks like Apple chose to promote the Beats headphones. Moving on to some fancy hairdos and then to photo-related pictures, including the Camera app logo from iOS.
Music references start with an old gramophone and move onto a DJ turntable. Then the decals show trees, birds and city skylines. You can recognize New York, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids of Egypt, among others. 
The Ad goes to some colored stickers showing abstract images, cartoons, kittens and video games related ones. Hello Kitty and Space Invaders are here as well, along with another Beats reference, this time the actual logo of Apple's recent $3 billion purchase.
The video then moves quickly to a Disney reference and ends with some hands holding the Apple logo in a heart shape. At the end you can see the tagline "The notebook people love - MacBook Air" and a colored old-style Apple logo that turns into the current, black one. 

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