New Mac Pros Coming in Spring 2013, Says French Reseller

France Systèmes announces discount on current configurations, says it’s temporary

France Systèmes, a French Apple Authorized Reseller and Certified Education service provider, has released a newsletter to customers announcing a temporary Mac Pro discount, as well as news that “a new Mac Pro will be released in spring 2013.”

Apple has been forced to halt sales of existing Mac Pro configurations in Europe, as their specifications are not in line with “Amendment 1 regulatory ES 60950-1 second edition that will be applicable 1st March 2013,” according to France Systèmes.

We’ve already covered this so we know this much is true. But there’s more.

Apple reportedly told the reseller that it would take the last Mac Pro orders on February 18, 2013 to guarantee delivery before March 1. Now here’s the fun part.

“However, we believe that the judgment of the Mac Pro is temporary, we Apple informed that a new Mac Pro will be released in spring 2013. We will be sure to submit these products since their introduction,” reads a rough translation of the newsletter.

It remains to be seen whether the new systems are only existing Mac Pros with tweaks or brand new (redesigned) models altogether.

It is worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted in an email exchange with a customer last year that his company had a great new solution for Pro users, launching in 2013.

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