Nest Continues to Be an iOS Supporter Despite Google Acquisition

“We’ll continue supporting iOS, Android and modern web browsers,” VP says

As you may have already heard, Nest has been acquired by Google for $3.2 billion / €2.33 billion. As a company co-founded by a former Apple employee, you’d think their integration with Apple’s ecosystem wouldn’t be hurt by the acquisition.

And you’d be right to think that. Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and VP of Engineering, has released a Q&A on the Nest blog to answer some of the community’s most burning questions.

The first such question is “Will Nest continue to support iOS so I can have the Nest app on my iPhone or iPad?”

Matt’s answer is a resounding “Yes, absolutely. We’ll continue supporting iOS, Android and modern web browsers so you can check in on your home and control the temperature from wherever you are,” he says.

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