NBC to Feature “First of Its Kind” Interview with Apple’s CEO

Tim Cook to be the subject of a special interview with Brian Williams

Friday’s NBC Nightly News ended with Brian Williams revealing to the audience that he will be conducting a “first of its kind” interview with Tim Cook. This will mark the first full-fledged interview with Apple’s CEO.

Williams said, “Unlike the man he replaced, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was able to walk all but unrecognized across the central floor of Grand Central Station. Once we got to his Apple store that changed, of course, as devoted fans approached and treated him like a rock star.”

According to the official press release, this will be Cook’s first television appearance since taking over as the CEO of Apple. The interview will be conducted across several Apple retail stores in New York City.

NBC will air a preview of the interview on Thursday's edition of the Nightly News. The full-length interview will be broadcast at 10 p.m. (Eastern) on Rock Center.

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