Mysterious Mac OS 11.7 Shows Up in Logs Alongside 10.9

Apple could be preparing an even bigger upgrade than we have previously thought

Hold on to your hats! Apple may be already testing OS XI version 11.7 of the Mac operating system, according to our server logs.

As we were gazing at the OS X 10.9 visits from Cupertino to confirm reports of increased traffic (signaling a potential beta release soon), we happened upon this crazy reference to “Intel 11.7,” which seems to indicate that Apple is already testing the eleventh version of its Mac operating system, or “OS XI.”

While such listings can easily be faked, we can assure you that they’re real. We’re just as baffled about this discovery as you are, and we felt compelled to let the word out.

According to our logs, Apple has been testing OS X 11.7 alongside other Mac OS versions (including the upcoming 10.9) since late last year. Could the Cupertino giant finally be pushing for the big upgrade this year? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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