Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 2 Now Available for Download

New Firefox builds available for testing, now up on Mozilla’s servers

Mozilla today quietly updated its servers with a new Firefox beta version for Mac and Linux users, with the Windows build soon to follow.

Not much has changed in this new beta, but you can be sure it’s a little more reliable than the first test build. Currently, Mozilla’s FTP offers only the Mac and Linux versions of Firefox 28 Beta 2, but it’ll soon be offering the Windows build, as always.

When it does so, you’ll be able to download the new versions at the links supplied by Softpedia below.

Mozilla is working on a few ambitious features in this new beta cycle, including a Gamepad API (which has been finalized and enabled), VP9 video decoding, support for Opus in WebM, volume control for HTML5 audio/video, and Notification Center support for web notifications on the Mac.

Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 2 for Mac OS X

Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 2 for Windows

Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 2 for Linux

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