Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.6.0 Delivers Fatal Bug, iOS Seems Unaffected Updated

Anything built fails to be saved when gamers exit their world

A handful of Minecraft gamers on mobile platforms claim to be experiencing severe issues with the latest version of the Pocket Edition installment, which also runs on iPhones and iPads. However, the iOS installment seems to be unaffected by this particular bug.

Some dissatisfied gamers cited by IGN reportedly noticed that Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.6.0 introduces a serious bug which affects world saving.

Worst of all, a player’s resources remain drained while the in-game progress is not recorded. Needless to point out, this is every gamer’s nightmare, and even more so for Minecraft aficionados.

These users reportedly said that “anything built or constructed is not being saved when [they] exit their world,” according to the report.

IGN is unsure whether or not the bug is widespread, though it claims to have reproduced the issue to confirm that the bug is real.

The gaming site also mentions that “numerous user reviews are also flooding the App Store with complaints,” though we couldn’t find any customer reviews mentioning this particular bug on iOS platforms.

Update: according to our readers, the iOS version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.6.0 indeed suffers from the same nasty bug as reported by the Android fanbase. Mojang is expected to push out a fix relatively soon.

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