Minecraft 1.6.2 Already Gets New Features – Download Pre Version for Mac

Mojang rolls out new beta version of its popular crafting game

Minecraft 1.6.2 is out as a pre-release build for gamers interested in the latest features prepared by Mojang. As usual, the release notes are huge, but that’s good news for every Minecraft fan out there.

Updated on both OS X and iOS earlier this week, Minecraft is already getting new features in a pre-release 1.6.2 version which is currently available for Mac testing.

Among the new changes and additions, Mojang notes: powered pistons drop as items in creative; fixes to Players and Horses heads while riding; fixes for animals going out of fenced areas (suffocating in blocks when loading chunks); chat concurrency fixes; code corrections for packet flood degrading server performance, and lots more.

To download and play the latest version of Minecraft on your Mac, all you need is Java 1.6 or later and at least 1GB of system RAM.

Download Minecraft for Mac OS X (Free)

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