Minecraft 1.5.1 Snapshot Available for Download on OS X Today

Mojang hopes to get the new version out as soon as possible

Mojang is planning to release the first snapshot of Minecraft 1.5.1, the upcoming new version of the company’s crafting game which has already entered development as of yesterday.

As Mac gamers were downloading Minecraft 1.5 Final yesterday, Mojang noted on its site that version 1.5.1 was already in the works.

No specifics were given, but fans of the building game will be able to get a first glimpse at the new version as soon as today, according to the announcement.

“We know the readers of this blog are a little bit more hardcore about Minecraft than most, so we should tell you that a 1.5.1 already is on its way. We plan to snapshot this tomorrow, and hopefully get it out as soon as possible,” Mojang said in its March 13 announcement.

It is unclear what changes are in the cards for Mac users in particular, but we’ll be sure to let you in on that the moment Mojang rolls out the bits.

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