Minecraft 1.5.1 Is Live – Download Here for Mac

Fixes a crash on Mac OS X systems showing “OpenGL Function Not Supported” error

Minutes ago, one of the lead Minecraft developers has issued a tweet confirming that the final 1.5.1 build is out for OS X and other supported platforms. The update includes a notable fix for Macintosh computers.

Minecraft 1.5.1 was released as a developer snapshot earlier this week, with Mojang promising to deliver the finalized version on Thursday.

As usual, the company kept its promise and now the bits are out. According to the official release notes, Minecraft 1.5.1 fixes “a bunch of bugs,” improves overall performance, addresses a flaw which caused the inability to hang paintings, and patches a crash on Mac OS X displaying the error message: “OpenGL Function Not Supported.”

Minecraft fans building their blocky worlds on a Mac can download the latest version of the Java-based game at the link below.

Download Minecraft 1.5.1 for Mac OS X

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