Millions Have Downloaded Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

Jay Freeman says Cydia receives 14,000 hits per minute at peak download times

Evasi0n is one of the most popular jailbreaks ever released, with Cydia founder Jay Freeman confirming some crazy numbers in an interview with Forbes.

In the first six hours after evasi0n’s debut, the jailbreak tool targeting iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 devices hit 800,000 downloads. By Tuesday, roughly 24 hours after launch, the figure more than doubled – 1.7 million downloads. Today, evasi0n should have more than 2 million downloads.

Hacker pod2g posted some statistics for on his blog, leaving out February 4 (launch day), as Google Analytics was yet to release the data.

Based on nothing but hype, hit nearly 3 million unique visitors on February 3, with almost 9 million visits, and 17,3 million page views.

Evasi0n is a free download for OS X, Windows, and Linux computers. It provides an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 on all device models, including the A6-based iPhone 5, and even the iPad 4 equipped with an A6X SoC.

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