Microsoft Releases Skype 4.13.1 for iPad, Addresses Bugs

Update includes “general fixes and improvements” for existing features

Apparently Skype doesn’t play well with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system on iPads. So Microsoft has rolled out a patch.

Containing “general fixes and improvements,” Skype 4.13.1 for iPad may finally address a problem with sound going away during a call. One customer explains his problems in the reviews section on iTunes:

“I have always loved Skype. However, lately whenever I can or receive a call on my iPad, the other party does not hear a word I say. I can make and receive calls. I can hear what they say. But they cannot hear me at all. I am running the latest iOS and Skype version.”

Version 4.13.1 likely addresses this widespread problem and many others as well.

Skype for iPad requires iOS 5.0 and, as its name implies, is for iPad only.

Download Skype for iPad (Free)

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