McDonald's Launches “McPlay” iPhone App

“Bring the fun of Happy Meal with you, anytime and anywhere”

McDonalds has released an iOS app with puzzles featuring food and unlockable levels. It’s free to download and works on any iDevice.

“Bring the fun of Happy Meal with you, anytime and anywhere, with the new McPlay App!” That’s the official introduction to the app. So what does it do, exactly?

Apparently, it’s not for us grownups, that much they make clear in the second paragraph. It’s actually a high-bouncing, quick-thinking puzzle game with food.

The player must grab energizing foods for point boosts and ultimately unlock new levels. The developers assure us there are no in-app purchases in the game, and it doesn’t include any third-party advertising or links to any sites.

McDonalds says to “look for more free games and content through the McPlay app.”

Requiring only iOS 4.3, the McPlay app is compatible with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. Download the free app at the link below.

Download McPlay for iOS (Free)

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