Major iOS 7 Security Flaw Discovered – Video

A thief can disable Find My iPhone without requiring your password

Apple says no one can disable Find My iPhone on your stolen / lost handset without your password, but this quick video demonstration by Bradley Williams shows that Apple has a serious security flaw on its hands.

Williams shows that, by fiddling with the Apple ID and password fields in the iOS Settings, you can easily trick the phone into switching Find My iPhone off itself.

The flaw is a serious one because it affects the security of the iPhone and that of the owner, implicitly.

Reports say the bug cannot be replicated on iOS 7.1, which means Apple has caught wind of the issue and is preparing to patch it.

Granted, there are probably very few people out there at this time who will know how to use this flaw to their advantage. But it’s probably best to keep a closer eye on your handset at least until iOS 7.1 is out.

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