MacBook Sub-Zero Mod Is ‘Cool’

Mortal Kombat’s ‘ice man’ gets a new finishing move

For the die-hard Mortal Kombat fan who owns a MacBook (Air or Pro) and is bored of the minimalistic gray enclosure of the laptop, here comes the Sub-Zero case mod to give your old Mac laptop a new sub-degree of coolness.

It is unclear whether one can still order this item (it’s listed as sold over at, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t.

Rarely has a video-game character matched the Apple logo this well. It’s almost as if Sub-Zero is performing a new Friendship finishing move (MK aficionados will agree).

The decal is removable but not re-positionable, says the manufacturer. It can be applied to any flat surface, so you don’t have to slap it on your Mac if you don't want it there. The order is also said to arrive with application directions.

Now let’s hope they still make these. In the meanwhile, use the comments to tell me what you think - from an MK fan to another (wink).

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