KLYP Enhances iPhone Photography

Pocket tripods and LED lights for photography enthusiasts

Manfrotto has released U.S. pricing and availability details for their new iPhone accessory for photography enthusiasts. KLYP is said to transform your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into a professional camera.

KLYP is basically an iPhone case equipped with two adapter clips for Manfrotto's pocket tripods and LED lights (pictured above).

The neat thing is that the two removable "clips" can be attached to any of four different points around the case, which allows you to take both landscape and portrait images with optimal lighting conditions.

The company is a bit late to the game, as Apple is already out with the new iPhone 5, but for those who still rely on their old iPhones for outdoor photography, the solution seems interesting.

The KLYP Case costs $29.99 and the KLYP + ML240 + Pocket goes for $199.99. See the press release here for full pricing information on the various configurations available. KLYP sells through select Manfrotto retailers the, company said.

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