Jony Ive’s iOS 7 Home Screen Should Look like This

With Apple’s chief designer now in charge of interfaces, iOS is in for an overhaul

SubtleLock by iOS developer Michael Poole is quite possibly the most solid proof of why jailbreaking is a must (more often than not) for some iPhone users. And Apple’s newly instated Human Interface chief should take notes.

I never could quite grasp why Apple’s iOS unlock slider and time display take up so much room on an iPhone’s screen. It’s almost as if Apple doesn’t want us to enjoy our wallpapers.

I get that the app icons must be nice and big so even a Neanderthal is able to launch Twitter, but why waste so much space on a locked screen? Have a look at the iPhone on the left in the screenshot above, and you’ll see what I mean.

Both the slider and the time-and-date banner are taking up way too much space on an iPhone’s display. And that’s the elongated iPhone 5 pictured above. On the iPhone 4S (and below), your background image is practically severed in half.

Jailbreak tweak SubtleLock is here to help you with that, according to modmyi. To get your iPhone to look like the one on the right, spend 1 buck (€0.8) in the BigBoss repo via Cydia.

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