It’s Official: Apple Will Launch Its Newest iPhone and iPads in China This December

Tablets to debut Friday, December 7, iPhone 5 available December 14

Apple has confirmed plans to release the iPhone 5 and the Wi-Fi versions of its iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad with Retina display in China next month.

The tablets will arrive Friday, December 7, and the iPhone 5 will be available the next Friday, December 14, across the entire country.

Apple says the new tablets are currently available in 42 countries, and iPhone 5 is available in 47 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Apple is making the announcement right after its latest iPhone has received final clearance from Chinese regulators. The tappable user base is immense and Apple’s first fiscal quarter for 2013 looks very promising.

The one thing that always strikes me about Apple’s press releases is that no matter what country is confirmed to get their goods, the prices are still touted only in American dollars.

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