It’s Likely iOS 7 Will Be Tougher to Jailbreak, Says Hacker

David Wang (@planetbeing) says the exploits used in evasi0n are “lame”

Asked about the next possible jailbreak from the evad3rs, hacker David Wang (@planetbeing) notes that Apple is making it more and more difficult to hack iOS.

Wang says, “Apple has successfully mitigated many vectors of attack in iOS 6. In this current jailbreak, we ‘evaded’ Apple’s mitigations in the userland with several vulnerabilities I would perhaps characterize as ‘lame,’ since these mistakes are a throwback to earlier days of iOS jailbreaking where we primarily used filesystem tricks.”

Revealing that his team of hackers properly attacked Apple’s security only in the kernel, Wang proceeds to explain what a “lame” vulnerability is and why they’re tough to find.

In this respect, “it’s likely the next [iOS 7] jailbreak will be tougher,” says Wang, adding that even if Apple puts up a fight, his team has “a few tricks that may or may not help in the future.”

“Who knows what the weight of each factor should be when trying to determine how long the next jailbreak will take,” he concludes.

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