International iPhone Calls Just Got a Lot Cheaper for LinkedIn Users

VoIP service Plingm now supports free calls between LinkedIn users with an iPhone

International calls are pretty expensive, but not if you use VoIP (voice over IP) solutions. Thanks to a back-end tweak developed by Plingm, LinkedIn users with iPhones can now call and talk to their LinkedIn contacts for free, anywhere in the world.

Users must simply download the Plingm app from the App Store and connect it with their LinkedIn account. The app then automatically scans and imports all their contacts, enabling them to just tap a person’s name and call.

Calls between Plingm users are free regardless of location. Landline calls are also possible, in exchange for a minimal fee.

Pandelis Eliopoulos, co-founder of Plingm, believes that “Mobile numbers are legacy. By using our LinkedIn calling feature, you can always reach the person you want to speak to even if they switch jobs or change their number,” he says.

Download Plingm iOS (Free)

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