Integrate a Weather Forecast with Your iOS Calendar

Horizon Calendar shows weather for all of your events up to 14 days out

Applause Code, LLC believes you shouldn’t have to choose between checking the weather and your calendar in separate applications. So they coded up a nifty little app called Horizon Calendar, which integrates both in a unified interface.

A three-dollar app (€2.49), Horizon Calendar integrates the current weather forecast with your calendar and works “blazingly fast,” according to its creators.

You can get weather for all of your events across two entire weeks, a smart list view to get a better glance at a specific day, easy event creation with built-in location search, a night mode, a month view, “buttery smooth scrolling,” the ability to toggle empty days, a metric system, and swipe-gesture support.

The app uses context-based event creation to automatically set the date to the current day, and you can tap and hold a day to quickly create an event on the spot. The interface is truly brilliant!

Download Horizon Calendar iOS

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