Insanely Great to Unveil Suction Cup-Based iPhone 5 Mount at Macworld

Accessory maker readies hands-free solutions for new generation of iDevices

iPhone and iPad accessory manufacturer Insanely Great Products will be revealing its latest innovations in hands-free solutions at the annual Macworld/iWorld 2013 event from January 31 to February 2, 2013.

Insanely Great Products will reveal the FrameShift Pro, an iPad stand made of aluminum which features a hand-brushed finish, military grade abrasion-resistant rubber padding, and stainless steel.

Another cool innovation from the company whose name bears an uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs’ keynote cards is the FrameShift Mini, an iPad stand which promises to support both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 with its Lightning connector.

Insanely Great will also unveil the Norm 5, a mount for iPhone 5 owners who use their handset a lot while driving.

Lastly, the Traveler comes with two suction cups to enable users to attach their iPhone to a car windshield or other glass surface.

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