Hulu Gets Full Redesign on Apple TV

New content categories across the top navigation bar, Subtitles and Audio menu

Hulu continues to improve the viewing experience for Apple TV customers with a fresh new redesign of its application, which puts content categories across the top navigation bar and includes a new Subtitles and Audio menu.

Inside each category at the top navigation bar, customers will discover new shows with the ability to “jump into your favorite shows right away with the “Shows You Watch” tray.

Hulu says the company built this feature so that fans are sure to never miss a new episode or lose their place in a series.

In the redesigned app, users can simply press the “Play” button, once they decide on the show they want to watch, and the latest episode of the series will automatically begin to play.

When video is playing, users can now hold down the “Select” button on their Apple TV remote until Subtitles and Audio appears, in order to turn on captions.

Hulu tells customers they need the latest Apple TV software to get this new experience. Not coincidentally, Apple has released Apple TV 5.2.1.

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