How to Get Asian Girls to Like You – There’s an App for That

Techfu app promises to help you to become a better man and attract beautiful women

Techfu is selling a one-dollar app (around 80 Euro cents) which promises to offer valuable tips on dating Asian girls, including romantic ideas, pick-up lines and more.

Dating Asian Girls is 50% cheaper until Valentine’s day. If your girl is Asian, the app will teach you how to “impress your girlfriend with great gift ideas and have a great Valentine's Day.”

If you’re looking to get an Asian girl to like you in time for lovers’ day, the app will allegedly help you: “stand out from the competition; become a better man and attract beautiful women; overcome dating obstacles such as fear of rejection.”

Careful, though! The description says, “InApp purchase: 100 Best Dating Tips & 100 Best Gift Ideas.” Which probably means you’ll have to shell out more cash to get those valuable tips. Dating Asian Girls requires iOS 3.2.

Download Dating Asian Girls app

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