How to Fix Apple TV 5.2 Software Issues

Apple posts resolution for Apple TV unexpectedly returning to the main menu

A recent software update pushed out to Apple TV owners suffers from a bug that causes the set-top box to return to the main menu after the user attempts to access content. Apple has a workaround.

A support document on Apple’s site reveals that “After updating to Apple TV Software 5.2, attempting to use the following features may result in Apple TV unexpectedly returning to the main menu.”

The Cupertino tech giant mentions music, movies, TV shows, and “other iTunes Store features,” as affected areas, which pretty much sums up the whole range of services.

The “resolution,” as laid out by Apple, is to sign out of your iTunes Store account, then sign back in. To do so, customers must select Settings > iTunes Store; then select their account, then Sign Out; then select Add New Account; and finally choose to sign in to their account again.

Users can now verify if the issue has been resolved by accessing TV Shows or Movies. If the sign-in/sign-out thing doesn’t work, customers are told to restart their set-top box.

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