How to Fix Apple TV 5.1.1 Update Issues

Apple could release yet another ATV software update shortly

A number of Apple forum users are buzzing about a pain-in-the-neck 5.1.1 update which fails to install or downright renders their set-top boxes unusable. While Apple is working on a fix, a workaround has already been found.

Apparently, many users are having trouble updating their black boxes via Ethernet, so the solution was practically just around the corner – update via Wi-Fi.

TidBITS confirms that the solution has worked for many customers, and the Apple Support Communities threads discussing the problem have stopped growing. Those who cannot update either way can even connect their Apple TV to a Mac or Windows PC and restore manually with the official IPSW file (located here).

You can also tell iTunes to download the software for you. Wait for the Apple TV to appear in the Devices section, select it and choose “Restore.”

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